iTC-1 Touch Screen Controller

The iTC-1 is a programmable 3.5” touch-panel wall control for use with Ivie MAP audio mixers. The iTC-1 has
a simple, intuitive setup through either Sonata, or Aria software, and can hold up to 128 virtual controls,
providing flexibility to installers for nearly any application. The iTC-1 fits into a standard 2-gang wall box or
re-work box, and is powered by the mixer via CAT5 cable up to 1,000 feet. Up to 6 iTC-1 controls can be daisy
chained on a single CAT5 cable to the mixer. Compatible with the Ivie RCX-6 smart port expander.


• 3.5” 1/4 VGA display, with capacitive touch panel
• Text labels fully programmable
• Aluminum face plate in 3 colors (White, Black, and Brown)
• Mounts into any standard 2-gang wall box, or re-work box.
• Holds programming for up to 128 controls (switches, relays, logic outputs, levels, selectors, dialers)
• Selectable actions include modes, mutes, level changes, room combining, dialers, control emulation, etc.

• Programmable security lockout, auto-dimming based on lighting condition, and tactile audio feedback
• Connects to any MAP mixer via CAT5 cable.
• Programmable by either Sonata, or Aria software
• Powered by the MAP mixer via CAT5 cable up to 1,000 feet.
• Dimensions - 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.25 inches
• Weight - 6.6 oz.


iFlex iTC-1 Datasheet   iFlex iTC-1 User Guide


 ITC-1 Splash Video